The best technology for maximum efficiency


We use machines with high productivity and low environmental impact based on the most advanced technologies offered by the market, which allow us to produce a volume of more than 600 tons of mother reels every day.

Thanks to well-planned and forward-looking investments our factories now house some of the best paper machines in the world in terms of speed and productivity.


We transform our reels into a very wide range of tissue products. Distributing to 47 countries, every day we meet the different needs of the individual markets that require a logical customization of production lines.

For this reason each converting factory has been modelled with the aim of making the transformation process streamlined and high-performing according to the type of article to be produced.

Uniqueness: a radical customization of the machines

Each of our machines is an original piece. The construction process is honed and finished to meet the needs of an ever faster and competitive market.

Whether it is paper machines or converting lines, the age-old experience of the Carrara family, master paper makers since 145 years, is found in all our production lines thanks to the passion, care and attention to detail of our chairman and his closest and most qualified colleagues.

Analysis & Research

Thanks to a high-tech laboratory in which highly specialized personnel work, we are constantly engaged in the micro-analysis of our materials and research into new techniques and solutions.

Through careful testing and monitoring phases we increase the quality standards in order to bring an excellent product to the final customer in terms of quality and safety for health.