Quality, Environment and Safety

Our philosophy for a sustainable future

Cartiere Carrara, in addition to paying particular attention to the effectiveness and efficiency of its production processes, has always been focused so that its work is socially ethical and sustainable.

This is made possible only thanks to the particular vocation of the company to respect the environment and the community in which it operates, as well as its employees, partners, associates, institutions and all those who maintain links with the Group.

This vocation passes through a socially and environmentally responsible corporate policy and is expressed through a series of certifications that Cartiere Carrara commits to obtain over time.

Optimization of Consumption and Emissions

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Certified Quality

Our products are synonymous with quality. A quality derived from the constant search for the best raw materials and a thorough check of their origins. We use only cellulose from forests treated in a way that respects their growth rate and managed in a legal and sustainable manner.

We aim for the lowest possible environmental impact during the entire life cycle of the product in order to minimize the effects of our production on the area. A production aimed at protecting the environment is a guarantee for the future of our company and the world we live in.

We submit each finished product to numerous sample checks and in-depth laboratory analyses to ensure that our end customers can take advantage of a high quality, reliable product.

Analysis & Research

Thanks to a high-tech laboratory in which highly specialized personnel work, we are constantly engaged in the micro-analysis of our materials and research into new techniques and solutions.

Through careful testing and monitoring phases we increase the quality standards in order to bring an excellent product to the final customer in terms of quality and safety for health.

Each of our machines is an original piece. The construction process is honed and finished to meet the needs of an ever faster and competitive market.

Whether it is paper machines or converting lines, the age-old experience of the Carrara family, master paper makers since 145 years, is found in all our production lines thanks to the passion, care and attention to detail of our chairman and his closest and most qualified colleagues.



We have set ourselves the goal of offering increasingly high quality levels in the workplace and we are doing so thanks to the use of safe and resistant materials. Through a constant risk analysis, we verify that our machines are compliant with the safety requirements and, through an efficient procedure of testing, control and maintenance, we aim to prove compliance and an ever higher reliability of our machines.

Respecting the worker

In protecting our employees, we never lose sight of their rights and ensure that they are always respected. Respect means guaranteeing the dignity and confidentiality of the worker in order to safeguard his personal domain and guarantee freedom of thought. For this reason we encourage and support all activities related to the research, development and implementation of appropriate measures to protect the health and physical integrity of those who, every day, contribute to making our company renowned in its field.

Safety Culture

Ensuring a safe work environment does not only mean maintaining and updating our machinery but also activating appropriate measures that allow our operators to acquire healthy and safe behaviour. We take measures to improve the safety of the environments in terms of accident prevention and protection of the worker’s health. Thanks to the promotion of initiatives aimed at spreading the culture of safety, we aim to train and properly inform our employees in order to reduce the risks to the individual and the environment in which he operates.

Italia Loves Sicurezza

We are partners of Italia Loves Sicurezza (ILS – Italy Loves Safety), a movement of people united by the same passion for health and safety, without commercial aims and instead promoting only non-profit activities. We believe in the need to revolutionize the way in which these issues are treated and we do so based on participation, involvement and enthusiasm. Every year we take part in national meetings that give us the opportunity to meet with the Ambassadors of Safety to share ideas, projects and information useful for cultural change. Italia Loves Sicurezza is a place of cooperation and sharing, with the sole objective of achieving the common goal of safety.